Exterior Stucco

Alberts Plastering Inc. is dedicated to providing you with professional and exceptional service. We do both conventional and EIFS stucco. What does that mean? Conventional stucco is done when a wire mesh lathe is applied to the exterior, then brown coated with a cement base and finished with a mixture of white cement. This system is more economical but as with normal cement based products, in time, cracking may become an issue. Some customers like this "old" look and prefer this system. EIFS systems use a different substrate and provide a system with color right in the product. There are numerous colors to choose from. The system boasts a finish that will look good year after year.

A variety of texture finishes and colors are available with EIFS Stucco Systems.

Exterior EIFS applied in the pool room at Country Inn and Suites in Little Chute.

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